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There are many good reasons to take out life cover, here are just 10. To provide for your loved ones in the event of death. To cover funeral expenses. To cover any personal loans or borrowings in the event of death. To cover any company loans or borrowings in the event of death. Protect a company’s possible lost profits. Provide the necessary finance to buy the shares from the original …read more

The main points that effect the cost of life cover are: Age The probability of dying increases as we get older therefore Life companies asses this risk by looking at mortality rates showing the number of people per thousand that die in each age group. Health Past and present health is taken into consideration when applying for life cover and may affect your premium. Dealing with any tests or investigations …read more

There are many types of Life Insurance and many varying reasons people take out life cover however the definition mostly remains the same. It is fixed cover, for a fixed term, at a fixed price. The reason for your cover will dictate what kind of life cover you might need to opt for. Mortgage Protection A type of Life Insurance that decreases or counts down over the term of the …read more