FAQ About Our Services

Switching is really easy. Just call us anytime between 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday.
With our streamlined process, switching is quick and simple, just chat to one of our friendly staff.
With our instant cover product* we can even activate your cover over the phone - depending on your answers to a few questions.
Subject to terms & conditions.
*See Instant Cover below
Instant cover is only available from Hello.ie and means you're covered instantly over the phone as soon as you agree to commence cover.

Life Insurance

  • Aged 18-55. Policy Term 10-35 years.
  • Maximum benefit €400,000 if aged under 40 at outset, €250,000 if over 40 and under 50 at outset and €150,000 if over 50 at outset.

Mortgage Protection

  • Aged 18-55. Policy Term 10-35 years.
  • Maximum benefit €400,000 if aged under 50 at outset, €150,000 if over 50 at outset.
Subject to terms and conditions, you must successfully answer 5 medical questions, if you don't directly qualify for this product, we can offer you an alternative fully underwritten product which may require a medical examination.
Yes you can. The first step in the process is to talk to one of our qualified members of staff, who can advise you of your options. When changing any policy, we always advise that you check that your new policy will meet your needs and you are aware of the financial consequences of replacing your existing policy.
Life insurance covers you for a fixed lump sum, which remains at the same level throughout the term of the policy. With mortgage protection the amount of cover reduces throughout the term of the policy in line with the reduction of your mortgage. Illness cover pays you the agreed amount on diagnosis of a specific illness, no matter when you fall ill during the life of the policy.
No. If you choose to cancel your policy, your cover ceases when you stop making payments. However, we would strongly advise anyone considering this to talk to a Hello.ie financial advisor before cancelling your policy or allowing it to lapse.
Single cover protects one insured person, while joint cover protects you and your partner where the amount of cover will be paid on the first death of either.
Dual cover will pay out on the death of both insured persons, almost as if they each had single policies.
No. Once you have arranged the policy, you then send it to your lender along with an assignment form which your lender will give to you.